the blessings of Reiki Usui holy fire III

My journey with Reiki Healing started around 2017, and I can not be more grateful for it's guidance, love and power in healing.


Reiki gave me guidance when I needed it the most. It came into my life in a period of time when everything turned upsidedown for me. I had just recently resigned from my work place, and was about to start up my own business when I ended up in the middle of a divorce. Reiki gave me a feeling of unconditional love, trust and warmth. The experience of Reiki and the guidance of it showed me my way forward and what needed to be healed before I could move on. I got closer to my wounds and I could heal easier and faster, everything that was hurting in me, both mentally, emotionally and spiritually to be able to continue moving forward. Some of the wounds healed as they were actually happening. It was a very intensive period of my life, but it also made me stronger and helped me to believe and trust in the process. I could see what Reiki was capable of doing in and around me, and it gave me a deeper understanding of what it can do. It was so strong and powerful that I couldn’t ignore it strenght and power. Overall it gave me a feeling of trust, love and safety within myself. That alone has given me the strenght to move forward without looking back at the past. Reiki doesn’t hesitate and is very straight forward and can show you exacly what you need to see and know, and if you’re ready and allow the process it can literally change your life. It did for me.