När livet händer

Mina ord, mina tankar kring livet som så många gånger händer utan förvarning eller inbjudan. Om hur jag hanterar och reagerar, samt tänker kring vardagliga händelser och situationer.

magdalena kuchcinska @ elephantjopurnal.com

What I learned about Anxiety from my Toddler’s Temper Tantrums

It was in the middle of the night when I suddenly woke up from a dream. I was sweating, my body was shaking, and I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. I’d never felt anything like this before. I got scared noticing my mind racing to dark and uncomfortable places. Being a yoga teacher, I often practice...

Magdalena Kuchcinska 


A heartmeditation for the body, mind and soul. This is a calming, heartopening meditation which you can do when you feel lost, or need to connect and find peace in your heart. It’s perfect to do when the world is spinning and you need to find peace in a certain situation or relationship. I do it once in a while and it always gets me back on track.

Magdalena Kuchcinska - written piece from reiki, vägledning & healing by Helena Omfors

the blessings of Reiki Usui holy fire 

Reiki gave me guidance when I needed it the most. It came into my life in a period of time when everything turned upsidedown for me. I had just recently resigned from my work place, and was about to start up my own business when I ended up in the middle of a divorce. Reiki gave me...

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