During one of my latest changelings I received a profound message about what might just be the meaning of life.

The answer is simple, it's love. 

To love, and to feel love in all that we are and do - doesn’t matter what we’re surrounded by and to still be in LOVE - all that is and all that is real.

Love is a complex act of life. To give, receive and cherish. The complexity and discernment of love is just what we’re here to explore. Many of us don’t want resistance or challenges in our lives, and we get discouraged by them. The message was so simple though.

To let life happen, to experience it all in its essence and still feel and see the love in it, the people we meet and ourselves.

It’s easy to love our kids, parents, siblings, friends and those who love us back, but to love those who don’t love us, those who hurt us or even damage us or those we love. To see behind the actions and circumstances. That is the true challenge.

It’s not an easy task. At least not for us down here on earth. For spirit it is though because there’s nothing else really. Everything else than love is an illusion created by us.

And don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing right or wrong here. We’re not suppose to live a holy life loving everybody and everything we meet. There’s growth in the experience and challenges were surrounded by, and that growth is why we’ve chosen to be here.

With love,